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 This Week at Trinity, Beamsville 

Friday, June 1, 2018 

Dear Friends, 

This week I had a bit of an ear-worm stuck in my head, and I realize the risk that in naming it here, you too may soon have this little ditty on perpetual play. Here goes anyway: ‘All God’s children got a place in the choir. Some sing low, some sing higher, some sing out loud on the telephone wire, some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got now…’ Repeat. 

Imagine the scene at the Annual Meeting of Hamilton Conference, last Saturday morning, with hundreds of delegates, including yours truly, belting that out with all we’ve got. Some of the over-achievers even included actions (not yours truly). We weren’t anything close to Celtic Thunder, or Trinity’s Choir, but we sounded mighty fine, if I do say. And while it may sound like a whole lot of silly in the course of an agenda with some very un-silly business, it was life-giving, and a praise-filled celebration of the diverse and beautiful community called church. 

The music we have planned for this Sunday morning is slightly different in sound, but not in emotional or spiritual tone, and certainly not an ounce less grateful. Every Sunday is a hoped-for celebration, a mini-Easter as liturgists know, where we honour and give great thanks for the new life we’re given and invited to claim as followers of Jesus. God’s people don’t have to carry a tune in order to carry this extraordinary message of belonging and purpose and sacred worth. This particular Sunday, however, we’re singing songs of praise with the 6 youth of our church family who want to name their faith for themselves. Technically, they’re doing that naming by themselves, with personal choices and distinct, beautiful voices; but in reality, they’re gathered in the strong and freeing space of this faith community, where they are welcomed, accepted, and treasured, with great and abiding Love. 

It just so happens that some of our current Confirmands are rather musically gifted. Others feel less confident in that regard. Thankfully, this Sunday is all about their many wonderful gifts, in whatever form they live them out. Each of our newest members will give us a glimpse of who they are and how God is calling them already into serving and leading. Just as they have for Michelle and me, all through this Confirmation process, they will endear you with their energy, their wisdom, their humility, and their fabulous sense of humour. They will express their faith, for themselves, by themselves, but ultimately for all of us, and above all for God and all God’s people. With them, through them, we are blessed already, and Sunday is all about saying so, all over again. Repeat. 

With love to you all, 


“Teach believers with your life; by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity.” 

1 Timothy 4:12 (The Message) 

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