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“This Week at Trinity” Christmas Message

Dear Trinity Friends:

As I write it is two days ‘til Christmas. Despite the virus and the shadow it has cast over our lives for most of 2020 and despite the endless restrictions and voices that threaten to “cancel Christmas” it is still coming! The spirit of joy that emanates when we remember the story of Jesus’ birth is returning. As with the labour of pregnancy once it begins it keeps moving forward.

Around Lincoln the streets have never looked as festive as they do this year. The downtown areas are all dressed up for Christmas and as evening falls and the lights begin to flicker a sense of wonder unfolds. Driving up and down the streets one can’t help but notice that residents have gone out of their way this year in decorating their homes to welcome Christmas.

Trinity is a reflection of the energy of the town. Out on the front lawn we boldly announce our hope in a power greater than ourselves that lives on and brings peace and joy even in times like this. Inside, the heart of the church beats on. Staff and volunteers have “virtually” offered more ways to connect than ever before. A worship team has worked creatively to bring services into your homes and wonderful music that soothes troubled hearts and reminds us that there is still joy to be had and a love that never ceases to find us. Earlier this month we saw an outpouring of love as truckloads of food and toys were gathered from the congregation and taken to Community Care West Niagara. Many in the congregation, individually or as a group have reached out to those who need a hand up at this time. The light of the church continues to shine behind the shadows.

We know there is still sadness and disappointment as Christmas approaches and that many will be missing physical contact with family and friends but remember this: we are doing these things so that “all might have life.” This is why God in Jesus came into the world so that “all might have life in his name.” As the church we are a reflection of that life. That is our ministry – to reflect the love and life of Christ.

The other night, on CNN, Anderson Cooper said these words of hope – “the day is coming when we can hug each other again and the only thing we will transfer to each other is our love.”

That’s worth waiting for, isn’t it?

May God bless each and every one of you this Christmas and may we be a blessing to our family, friends and community.

With love for you in our hearts,

Judy and the Trinity Staff.

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