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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, December 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

This week I have been holding on, with gratitude, to some very good news.  I guess that shouldn’t come as a shock, coming from someone in the business of sharing this faith tradition’s pursuit of Good News, but you know how this world can be sometimes. 

Among the assortment of treasured moments was an email, sent early Tuesday.  In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, with the Spirit singing through, a Trinity family sent word of their contribution to the Silver Spire Shower Project.  I was thrilled already to know that the Trinity tally sat at $3600.00… but then to hear of a donation to more than double that again.  It’s a good thing I was sitting down when I read it.  It was a very Good News moment.

Step back in time a little bit more and picture me taking a phone call – on the landline, of all places, from a young adult, even.  He was calling to share news that texting couldn’t contain.  The same was true of his excitement, and then mine.  In time, I’ll be able to share more, but suffice to say for now that he is meeting with great affirmation of his beliefs and studies about leadership and community, and how they can be mutually transformative.  I’ve had a small part to play in his journey, and that’s how I got in on the celebratory moment:  another very Good News moment.

In the midst of it all, I’ve been prepping for this Sunday:  Advent 2, Peace Sunday.  Inspired by the wisdom of Matthew Myer Boulton, I’ve been remembering that Biblical writers like Matthew and Luke took the term Good News (more like, co-opted) from the language of their day, where it was usually used in reference to military and empire rulers.  Gospel accounts turned that language upside down and attached it, with trust, to a tiny baby who would herald the Good News of peace.  The concept of Good News took on a whole new meaning, and pressed bravely into a world where tumult and violence were so pervasive. 

Pressing bravely into peace is where I pray we all are, still today.  Receiving any moment of good news won’t magically make everything else disappear.  That’s not news at all.  However, the Good News does bring us a way to hear good news; to believe that, in our waiting for a less tumultuous world, every choice we make, every word we choose, can be part of heralding God’s shalom.  As we move from hope to peace, may we carry the upending Good News of God’s definitions; God’s practices and God’s invitations, for each of us to be part of transformation, as we ourselves are transformed by Love.

With Advent love to you all,


“This is the Peace we search for… Peace within us, Peace around us; A Peace to hold us strong;

A Peace that encourages us to work as Jesus did, for justice and sharing.  Amen.”

p.s. If all goes to plan, there is more good news to come.  By the time you read this, our niece Meagan will be in final assessment for release from the hospital.  It’s been a long 3 weeks, and the healing journey continues, but what joy to think she is so close to coming home.  Thank you for all your prayers and love – proof again that none of us can do any of this alone.  xo

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