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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, February 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

            This week’s writing can only begin in one place:  a place of deep gratitude, for these last three months of Sabbatical; and an equally deep place of joy, knowing that it’s time for me to return, to renew and grow longer in our relationships. 

            As I said in Monday morning’s email to the masses (and again in this Sunday’s announcements, and probably ad nauseum in every conversation I’ve had this week…), I’m very keen to start getting caught up with you all.  From my side of the time apart, it is hard to know where to begin, in describing what I’ve been up to, and where I’ve been, spiritually and emotionally.  I’m working to find the words and ways, in the midst of still processing it all.  I’m also thinking that not everyone will want to hear every detail, or any at all.  I understand that, and feel sensitive to the incredible privilege it is to even have Sabbatical as an option in one’s life, let alone to be given permission and blessing to take it.  As I wrote to our Council on Tuesday morning,: “It’s hard to describe to folks what it’s like, and presumably how unusual it is, to be able to step away from one’s congregation, and honestly, fully, just let the curtain drop, with peace.  It’s the ultimate trust exercise, writ large.  I suppose it’s really more an act of faith, but it’s also built on 5 years of relationship, letting me know I could turn away from my usual spaces and just fall back in to my home and my family, for essential work and care… of them, and me.  May it prove fruitful, faithful, and full circle for all of you, in turn, as I seek to reintegrate this more balanced, attuned version of myself.”  And then I said, “stay tuned.”

            All that in mind, you won’t be surprised that this Sunday will include some reflection on Sabbatical life, but very broadly, and from this beginning point of my own understanding.  I’ll have to take time to figure out how to share more about the last three months, without taking the next three months to do it!  For this present moment, we also have some bittersweet but important work to do, as we give thanks for the ministries of Kass and Judy.  The order of service officially names it as “A Time of Gratitude and Farewell”, and the theme overall is couched in the language of return and release.  These are all sacred practices, and ones that we are blessed to move through together.  I hope you can join us online.  There are words for us all to say, in every way. 

            So, maybe the last thing I should note for this moment is what caught my eye on Monday morning, en route to the church to pick up my laptop.  Who knows how long the billboard has been there, but it was first sighting for me, and quite perfectly timed at that.  Somewhere near the train tracks on Ontario Street, perched up high in yellow (I think?), is an advertisement saying something like this:  ‘This is a great time to come home to Beamsville.’ 

And there was my heart, writ large.

             With love to you all,


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