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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity Beamsville

Friday, January 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

As I write I am very conscious that my time with you as minister is nearing an end. But it’s a little different than other departures I have made in my life because I’m not leaving, I’m just changing roles. If we were having in-person worship I would say I’m just changing seats. Still I will miss the relationship I have had with you these last 3 months and with the staff. It has been an unexpected gift to be back with you in this capacity. 

Last Sunday and again this Sunday the scriptures will tell the story of Jesus’ call to the disciples to join him in the ministry God called him to do. In the sermon this past Sunday Kass described her call to ministry which began as a young person. Then she suggested I might share my experience of “call” this week. So I have been searching my memory of a journey that for me began in mid-life and seems to be extending into later life.

It has been interesting watching President Joe Biden this week as he begins another leg of a journey that began for him 50 years ago and one that can surely be described as a vocation – a desire to serve God through the political process. He is certainly living proof that we can experience that intense desire to act, to be a light in a world of shadows at any age. May God give him strength for his journey.


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