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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity Beamsville

January 8, 2021

This has been a quiet week at Trinity in terms of the building. It is closed. Tania is working from home. Only Doug has walked the halls as he cleans up the aftermath of Christmas. After the service Sunday a few of us took down the decorations in the sanctuary, packed the Christmas tree into the big red canvas bag, put the Magi to rest from their long journey in a box of tissue paper, emptied the Atrium of the Nativity and the Christmas tree and trimmings, dismantled the trimmings from the Advent wreath leaving a trail of dried up greenery. Christmas has been cleaned up and boxed up for another year but the love that was born in this unusual year and shared in new and creative ways lives on.

In the larger community we remain disturbed by the rising number of covid-19 cases in Niagara and beyond. We are starting to hear of cases closer to home. Some in our church community have extended family who are ill with the virus. We hold them in our hearts.

In the United States this week we have witnessed history in the making but not the kind of history that will be an inspiration to subsequent generations. Instead they will read stories and see shocking pictures and films of leaders and other humans behaving at their worst – exhibiting senseless destruction and disregard for human life and authority and government. Our neighbour is in trouble. We pray for them as they try to regain order and peace in their troubled nation.

In contrast, this Sunday we will remember the Baptism of Jesus. It is a Sunday in which we will also remember our own baptism or other baptisms and the sense of welcome and belonging we and others experience when we hear these words. You are my beloved, my own. On you my favour rests.”


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