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“This Week at Trinity”

This week at Trinity Beamsville
Friday, September 25, 2020 

Dear Friends, 

       My little guy, who just turned two, has a new favorite word: “MINE!” He says it with firmness as he holds things that are dear to him. We’re not too sure where he picked it up, and we certainly do not covet his toys, yet he has become quite possessive of his favourite things. I am told by mom friends that it is quite normal.  (Perhaps he is practicing for a sibling!)

        This week in worship, we are continuing to explore how God is revealed in nature. Being the first week of Autumn, fresh inspiration is everywhere. We marvel at the beauty of fall as the trees change colours, letting go of the heavy burden of leaves they have been carrying all summer. A quote that I love to remember this time of year is, “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go” (author unknown).  It serves as a poignant reminder to seasonally shed that which is no longer serving us, and to be aware of that which we cling to. We may not cling to toys anymore, but there may be habits, ways of thinking about ourselves or others, or ‘stuff’ that we could do without.

        I encourage you to take a walk this week to bask in the beauty of Creation, and as the leaves gently fall, think and pray about what these things are for you, that you may be ready to release. As you do, may you be reminded of the closeness of God, who is ever- present in ways beyond comprehension. In every letting go is a promise, for God is one of new beginnings. Sure as the spring returning, God will renew us in ways unimaginable. 

“Like a healing stream in a barren desert,
Spirit water bringing life to dusty earth,
God is trickling through our lives as in a dream unfolding,
Promising revival and rebirth…
Like a healing stream.” (More Voices, 144).   

Wishing you a blessed week, and looking forward to sharing together in the Sacrament of Communion. 

– Kassandra Matthews
Student Minister

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