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“This Week at Trinity”

This week at Trinity Beamsville

September 4, 2020

My almost two year-old son has a fondness for elephants. He enjoys imitating the noises they make and I think admires how adorable they are when they play. We recently watched a Disneynature program about elephants, and I became inspired by them, too.   Elephants have strong bonds and live in herds. At the first sign of danger, elephants gather the young and vulnerable among them and form a tight circle of protection around them.  They cherish the young and vulnerable among them, as does our ‘herd’, our faith family. And while we cannot gather them in physically, we can encircle them with our prayers.

With the season changing, many are preparing for back to school.  For some this change is welcomed, like my Goddaughter Annabelle who is eagerly counting down sleeps until her first ever day of school. While darling to witness, her enthusiasm is surely an anomaly this year.   For many, back to school is marred with fear and uncertainty. I deeply wish that I had words or a magic wand to make it all safe for our young and dear ones. I do not.  But something meaningful we can do is surround our young and vulnerable in prayer. In times when Jesus was facing fear and uncertainty, he put everything aside and carved out time to talk with God. I invite you this week to take some time and pray for all children, parents, teachers, staff, administration and leaders as they prepare. To those preparing for back to school in our community, know that we are surround you with our love and prayers, and God is an ever- present source of comfort, courage and love.

This “Prayer for Back to School” was written by United Church Moderator Richard Bott. You are all welcome to pray it or let your own words reach God’s ears.

Hi, God…

it’s not too long before my daughter heads back to school, alongside of other children, teens, and young adults, in so many communities.  And, to be honest, I’m worried.

Not just for her, but for every single student — from the youngest to the eldest;  and for every single teacher, and support person, every one of the support staff, and the administrators — the people we trust to not only help our children learn, but learn in an environment where they are safe, cared about, and respected;  where their whole person is taken into account, as they live and learn and grow!

But… I’m worried.  I’m worried about their health, in the face of COVID-19.  I’m worried about the resources we’ve set aside, not just to ensure their learning, but their learning in safety.

And it’s not just the ones who will participate in learning at the school building — I’m worried about the ones who will be learning from home, the ones who will be sitting in front of their screens, connecting with the lessons, the teachers, and their peers there.

And I’m worried about the students who won’t have what they need — technologically, or people-wise — to experience the schooling we understand they need.

So, I’m praying.  I’m praying that our decision-makers:  listen to the science, make sure the resources are there, do all they can to help the children who will be in schoolrooms and at home; 

I’m praying for the health of our children, and all those who support them;  I’m praying that we all work together, in equity and in hope, to ensure that every student has what they need, to be the learner that they are.

And I continue to pray for all of our health-care workers, and those researching therapies and vaccines, that we might be able to respond to COVID-19, and have the health to work on the rest of what needs to be done.

Help me to trust that we are doing all that we can for all of our children.

Help me to trust that we will do even more than we think we are able, for every child, everywhere.

In Christ’s name, I pray.


This week in worship, we close our “Questions of the Heart” series with our own Doug and Chris Pollard. Service goes live anytime after 10 a.m.

Blessings to you and yours,

Kassandra Matthews

Student Minister



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