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Wednesday @ 1

Wed@1 is a group of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who gather weekly, by Zoom at present, to explore the scripture readings that will be used for the next Sunday’s worship. We are not a group of theologians or academics, just folks who are curious about what the ancient stories meant to their first hearers and how they relate to the situations in
which we presently live. So many times we become aware of just how relevant are these words for our time.

You don’t have to do any preparation, just arrive with an open and inquiring mind and a willingness to listen to each other’s take on the readings. There are lots of “aha” moments as some new insight pops into

We have also become a little community of caring and compassion for one another. We share our own stories and lots of good humour. We are a small group, but would love to welcome more folks. It’s another way to connect in this peculiar time of Covid. Please join us Wed@1. You will find the Zoom invitation in the blue section of the announcements.
Rick Hawley,

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