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“Not the Sermon” Message

A Note from our New Student Minister:

        I sit writing this introductory letter to you, on the way home from what has been a peaceful and rejuvenating stay in Muskoka. It has been a time to recharge and bask in the beauty of God’s creation.

       There is something about being by the water that lends itself to reflection. Looking out at seemingly endless water from the dock has been a reminder of how great our Maker is, and how truly small I am.

       I couldn’t help being moved by the ways the water has transformed the shoreline, each rock and driftwood a work of art. How water satisfies and sustains us, and becomes a part of our very beings. Even in the early morning stillness when the water appears still like glass, it is really in constant motion.

       Especially in the midst of my recent repose and Maternity leave, the image of water reminds me of how I’ve experienced God. As transformative. As sustenance. As an agent of change.

      Up here, there are glimpses of the season changing already; the tops of trees yellowing, the air crisp and cool. September is on our doorstep. And as I head homeward, I am grateful to God for what has been, and for what is to come. For what is soon to be a new ‘home’ for me these next couple of years, with you at Trinity United. I am immensely looking forward to worshiping, learning, growing and serving alongside you.

Below is a little background information to get us acquainted, until we finally meet on September 8th. 

Warm blessings upon you this week. May you see glimpses of God on your way.

Kassandra Matthews

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