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Faith Formation

Faith Formation advises and supports the Minister, Director of Children & Youth and the Director of Music in Trinity’s worship and Christian Development programs. In their absence, the committee arranges supply for any of the positions.

Faith Formation supports the Music Director in establishing and maintaining the church choir or choirs. The committee advises and oversees the use of the organ and other musical instruments.

Sunday worship service needs are overseen by Faith Formation. The order of service is established by the committee and arrangements are made for administration of the holy sacraments on communion days. We also plan and arrange for the needs of other special services.

Faith Formation oversees Trinity’s educational program needs, providing adequate equipment and materials to carry out an effective program.

Faith Formation recruits and supports volunteers in helping with Worship and Christian Education programs at Trinity. This includes maintaining the church library and considering additional study materials to be made available in book racks, as well as organization of hardcopy or digital formats. We plan and promote attendance at conferences and workshops in cooperation with area United Churches and the National Church. The committee also offers in service opportunities.

Faith Formation establishes and coordinates Adult Study groups.

Faith Formation is responsible for determining the use of the Church sanctuary and its contents. We arrange for the decoration of the sanctuary on special occasions.

Faith Formation admits new members through profession of faith, confirmation, and transfer.

Faith Formation receives reports from the Minister, Director of Music and Family Ministries Coordinator. We evaluate programs of all groups under its jurisdiction and prepares an annual budget for the committee.

Faith Formation supports the use of Holy Manners in all conduct at Trinity, and upholds all applicable privacy and freedom of information laws.


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