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We are not alone... We live in God's world.



at Trinity United Church Beamsville (unless noted)

April 14, 10:30am…Palm Sunday

April 18, 6pm… Maundy Thursday Service, Jordan Station United Church for The Living Last Supper

April 19, 10:30am… Good Friday Service

April 21, 7am… Sunrise Service…Watt Circle, Albright Gardens

April 21, 10:30am… Easter Services

Thank you for visiting our website.

We hope you will get a sense of who we are during your visit. However an even better way to do that is to come in person some Sunday morning, (10:30 am), join us for a service of worship and stay for coffee afterwards. Or, if you prefer, drop by the church any weekday between 9 am and 1 pm. Either way, we’d be very glad to meet you.

We’re located at the corner of King and William Streets in downtown Beamsville  (click for map). Parking is available behind the church, accessible from King St. Our main door is on William St.

We are an historic church, circa 1899. Beautiful stained glass windows surround our sanctuary, superbly carved oak adorns our pews and furnishings. The sense of history and tradition is strong. But there is much about us that is current. Our sanctuary and Sunday School rooms have recently been refurbished. We are fully accessible (washrooms and elevator), have hearing assist devices in the sanctuary, use power point presentations in our services, serve coffee, tea and juice before, during and after the service and we’re air conditioned.

We are much more than a building, we are a diverse group of faith minded residents of Beamsville, Lincoln and the Niagara Region.  We look forward to welcoming you in a way that you wish to be welcomed.  We’ll see you at the front door whenever you chose to come.

Trinity United Church Beamsville,
is a dynamic Christian congregation challenged

by God’s call to provide spiritual worship
and care for the world and its peoples.